Knowledge management Implementation Services

Implementing a Knowledge Management Framework and Culture may be something you have never done before. We have. Through our KM implementation support services listed below, we share our knowledge and experience with you, and allow you to apply the lessons and principles from successful KM programs, and avoid the pitfalls that derailed the unsuccessful programs.

Knowledge Management Implementation planning

Knowledge Management Implementation is not easy. You really only have one attempt, and if this fails, you may find that the concept has become irrecoverably tarnished. An excellent KM Implementation Plan is needed, based on lessons from successful (and less successful) Implementations in other companies, and tailored to your own context.

Knowledge Management Organisational Design

One important part of Knowledge Management planning is to get an idea of the KM organisational structures, roles and accountabilities that will need to be in place. For many of our clients, understanding the organisational design is an important early step in understanding the Knowledge Management framework.

Project Knowledge Management Plans

Knowledge Management plans allow Knowledge Management to evolve to become a true management discipline; a component part of an integrated project management approach rather than an add-on or an aspiration.

Knowledge Management Pilot projects

A pilot project is a project where knowledge management can be applied within the business, to address a specific business problem, and to deliver measurable results, and also to act as a proving ground for Knowledge Management within the business.

Knowledge Asset creation

One component of Knowledge Management implementation is to begin to codify some of the knowledge which needs to be codified. A Knowledge Asset is a way of structuring and presenting knowledge (captured through one of many KM processes) so as to maximise its ability to be re-used.

Knowledge Management Training

We offer a whole range of off-the-peg or bespoke training offerings to accelerate your Knowledge Management Implementation.

Knowledge Management Coaching and Mentoring

We have acted as guides, mentors and partners to a wide range of Knowledge Management implementation projects, and have stayed close enough to learn the lessons from many more. This knowledge and experience is available to support you.

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