Knowledge Management

What is Knowledge Management? Knowledge Management is a management discipline, focused on delivering value through attention to knowledge; both knowledge held by individuals and communities, and knowledge documented in guidance or reference material. Knowledge Management as a discipline is about 20 years old, but the topic is still poorly defined, and can cover a very wide range of sub-topics. A quick search for the words "knowledge management" yields a bewildering range of interpretations and viewpoints.

Let us guide you though this minefield. We have been working with Knowledge Management since the 1990s, and have worked with, or consulted to, many of the leading organisations in the field. We have authored many books and articles on the topic of Knowledge Management. Through our global Knowledge Management survey, and our consultancy practice in many areas of the globe, we have a unique overview of the development and application of all aspects of Knowledge Management.

This section of the website contains practitioner-level guidance on the topic of Knowledge Management. The information in the table below will lead you to:

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