Knowledge Management Training

Would you like off the peg Knowledge Management Training (See our course list), or bespoke to your needs? Or would you like a trainer's licence for our Bird Island exercise?

Knoco Ltd offer a range of Knowledge Management Training, for small or large groups, suiting every level of need.

Knoco - Knowledge Management training

We can raise the level of Awareness among your senior managers, we can provide a Primer Course for a Knowledge Management team or members of a Knowledge Management community, or we can provide a Masterclass for your Knowledge Management practitioners.We can even tailor a complete start-week for your Knowledge Management program, where we deliver a mix of training, coaching, consultancy and workshops to develop your KM skills, KM strategy and KM framework.

Knoco Ltd provide Knowledge Management Training for all stages of the Knowledge Management journey, including awareness sessions and introductory workshops for the early stages of knowledge management, skills development programs for your Knowledge Management implementation team, or roll-out training for the later stages of Knowledge Management Implementation.

If you have any specific Knowledge Management Training need, such as training for community of practice leaders, training in Lessons identification and capture for your facilitators, or for building the skills of Knowledge retention, we either have a course already prepared, or we can put one together for you. If you are looking to demonstrate the value of Knowledge Management, our Bird Island Workshop is just the thing for you.

Contact us for example agendas.