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Free resources

Lessons Report suitable for PRINCE2
A Lessons Report is a recommended document within PRINCE2. This template is based on lessons formats in best-in-class learning organisations, and adds more detail to the lessons themselves than many Lesons Reports.

Lessons Log suitable for PRINCE2
A Lessons Log is a recommended document within PRINCE2. This template is based on lessons systems in best-in-class learning organisations, and is designed to work with output from After Action Reviews.

Benefits Mapping template
The purpose of the Benefits Mapping Template is to allow the participants in a benefits workshop to articulate, in the form of a diagram, how knowledge management interventions can yield measurable business results in service of business drivers or goals. We run the workshop with senior business leaders, whose guidance and buy-in are crucial.

Communication Plan template
Effective communication is crucial to delivery of the culture change needed to embed Knowledge Management. Use this publicly-available plan template to guide communications during the four main stages of your KM Implementation

Knowledge Management Plan template
Deliver KM value for your projects and businesses by developing a Knowledge Management plan using this free template

KM Self-assessment tool
Use this free tool to evaluate the KM maturity of your organisation

KM risk evaluation template
Use this free tool to calculate the risk to successful delivery of your KM implementation


Free white papers

Knowledge Management and the Public Sector cuts- Why KM is a necessary safeguard to preserve competence and delivery

Making the case for Knowledge Management - taking the very first step on the KM journey - making the case to investigate KM.

Lessons learned
Results from our lessons learned survey

Selecting communities of practice
How to get ready to get started with communities of practice

Evolution of a community of practice
How to manage the transitions in the life of a community of practice

Knowledge Management and performance
The link between Knowledge Management and performance management in an operational environment

Selecting members of a Knowledge Management working team
How to choose your implementation team

Knowledge Retention
Best Practices in retaining tacit knowledge when individuals leave their post

Knowledge Management pilots
How to set up a pilot project for "proving the concept"

Knowledge Management in SSHE
Knowledge Management applied to Safety, Security, Health and Environmental knowledge


Free guidance notes

An Introduction to Knowledge Management

Knoco guide to KM strategy

Knoco guide to KM implementation

Knoco guide to ISO 30401:2018

Organisational Learning Culture

KM Assessment

After Action Review

Knowledge Harvesting Interview

Knowledge Asset creation

Knowledge Exchange

Learning History

Peer Assist


Knowledge Site Visit

Knowledge Gap Analysis

Audience with an expert


Free Introductory workshop

Some of our franchisees offer a free introductory workshop to KM tools and techniques. Contact us if you would like more details (NB not available everywhere).

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