Nick Milton, his partner Tom Young, and his colleagues at Knoco have been indispensable in helping BP craft its new approach to KM as well as help create and deliver the training program that goes with it.

I use Knoco as my first choice in a KM consultancy, on either side of the Atlantic. Five stars out of five


Walt Palen, BP


Knoco helped us raise the profile of our new KM project and kick start activity with our Directors. They returned to help us with training and workshops across the organisation.

Their easy going, accessible approach combined with fantastic experience was highly valued by everyone they worked with. They left us with a fantastic legacy to build on. I can highly recommend them.


Fred Paterson, National College of School Leaders, UK

Knoco provided a tremendous service to my team and the wider organisation during my time in knowledge management at the BBC.

"Knoco provided the full range of services from helping us to think through our strategy to providing point support with individual KM projects. Unlike many so called 'KM experts', Knoco's advice is based on sustained experience of implementing KM in many different companies and contexts.


Claire Chaundy, BBC


I had an opportunity to see Knoco in action during their work at De Beers Group Services. I was struck by their skilled approach to introducing Knowledge Management (KM) to people who had little concept of it. They helped to lay a foundation for KM in the Group, and I'd gladly work with them again in the future.


Philip Pozzo di Borgo-Oliver, De Beers

It is the understanding that lies behind Knoco and its insightful understanding and contribution to the management of knowledge field that makes this organisation so interesting and vibrant.

"Knoco has a passion for its subject and a compassion for the people it leads, advises, manages and influences. Knoco elegantly transcends and reinterprets traditional concepts of company and organisation


Simon Reay Atkinson, Captain, RAN (Reserves) at Royal Australian Navy


Having worked with Knoco on the Learning from Experience program at AstraZeneca, I can vouch for their practical, real-world guidance for applying knowledge management principals to industries such as pharmaceuticals. And they're great people to work alongside with.


Alison Zartarian, Astra Zeneca