"Lessons Learned" Services

Knoco are one of the world's leading organisations in Lessons Learned services. We believe that many Lessons Learned programs are not delivering full value, focusing on Lessons Captured rather than Lessons Learned, and that a lesson is not learned unless something changes as a result, as explained in the video below.

Lessons Learned introduction

Knowledge Management Introduction, Knoco Ltd

Knoco offer a range of services to support your Knowledge Management and Organisational Learning aspirations

Lessons Learned System assessment

Most organisations have already introduced elements of Lesson Learning, but few are really satisfied with the end result; usually because many crucial elements of a complete lesson-learning system are missing. We assess the current state of Lesson Learning in your organisation, and identify the gaps that need to be filled in your lessons learned system. (For an indicative high-level self-assessment, see our online survey).

Lessons Learned system design

We can help you design an effective lessons learned system, involving processes, accountabilities, and lessons workflow, so that new lessons are routinely identified, and carried forward into action to improve the working processes of the company.

Lessons Learned capture services

We offer you the highest quality lessons capture service, using skilled facilitators with many years experience in capturing and documenting lessons from major projects. We remove the hard work from your own project team, and document the captured lessons for your team to review.

Lessons Learned Analysis

An analysis of the lessons collected from your organisation helps identify the systemic weaknesses and the common pitfalls which may hamper your organisation's performance..

Project learning

Learning and Knowledge management are core success factors for effective project delivery. Knowledge is a project resource, and often is a project output as well (particularly in a project which is doing something new or unusual). Although there will need to be a focus on lesson sharing between projects, a large project will also need it's own internal lesson system.

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