Knowledge Librarian

The Knowledge Librarians look after the Knowledge Library, or the company Knowledge Base. They do not create and update content (that is the role of the Knowledge Owners or the Communities of Practice), but they make sure that the Knowledge Library is well maintained, well structured, and easy to use. The Knowledge Librarian may have several roles.

They may act as champions for the Knowledge Base, ensuring that people are aware of it, and aware of the value it can deliver.

They may provide training and support in the use of the Knowledge Base.

They may work with IT to ensure the technology behind the Knowledge Base is appropriate, with all the functionality required by the users.

They may work with the business to ensure that the Knowledge Base has an effective taxonomy, and any required tages or metadata.

They may work with the Knowledge Owners to ensure that they are fulfilling their accountabilities, and making sure that content is relevant, usable, up to date, and stored in the correct place.

They may monitor the use of the Knowledge Base, and report statistics such as the number of readers, the number of authors, the frequency of update etc.

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