Bird Island Exercise

Bird Island is the single most compelling demonstration of the value of Knowledge Management.

How do you turn sceptics into believers? Simply allow them to experience the value that Knowledge Management can bring.

Knoco Ltd's copyright Bird Island exercise is an amazingly simple, yet extremely effective simulation exercise, that gives people that experience in two short hours. It demonstrates three separate Knowledge Management processes, each of which delivers measurable performance benefit, and includes at least two key moments at which "the pennies drop" for people. Knoco Ltd have used this method since 1999, and it has been the most powerful sales tool for Knowledge Management we have ever found. It`s the nearest thing to "Knowledge Management Proof" that you could hope for.


For a complete description of Bird Island, see this article or click the picture to the right.



See below for your options for using Bird Island.

A one-day training course incorporating Bird Island  
A one-day training course and a one-year facilitator licence  
A stand-alone one-year facilitator licence  
Annual renewal fee for facilitator licence  
One-year licence for second facilitator in the same organisation  
Additional facilitator licences  

A facilitator licence gives you;

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