Knowledge Management Assessment and Benchmarking

Knowledge management is a change process, and the first step in the change is to assess the current status - to see what is already being done, what works well, where the barriers and gaps are, and where the strengths are

KM AssessmentPurpose

The Knowledge Management Assessment and Benchmarking service provides you with an understanding of your current strengths, gaps, and opportunities for intervention in order to introduce a fully operative Knowledge management Framework. Our KM Assessment provides the basis for a route map guiding the organization in the initial steps of implementing Knowledge Management

KM Assessment Method

Through a series of in-depth interviews, we map the current state of knowledge utilization and application in your organization against the proven components of systematic Knowledge Management. The responses to the interviews are noted in detail and brought together to look for common themes, issues, and concerns. Key quotes are also identified to support and illustrate the main conclusions reached. The responses, and the numerical rating, provide a picture of the Knowledge Management strengths and weaknesses of the organization which can be benchmarked against Knowledge Management competencies in other organisations. The KM Assessment uses a 15-point model against which the current status is measured. The model is derived from a study of successful Knowledge Management implementations in a wide range of industries. The current status of each component is given a mark out of 5, to allow benchmarking against a range of other organisations.

KM Assessment Benefits

The KM Assessment will provide a baseline for your Knowledge Management Implementation, and identify the missing elements that need to be filled to create an effective Knowledge Management Framework.

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