Knoco South Africa

Ian Corbett is director of Knoco South Africa. Based in Cape Town, Ian is introducing southern African leaders and businesses to the benefits of Knowledge Enabled Performance. His experiences show that Knoco's dialogue-rich approach is well-suited to a continent that is characterised by diversity.

Ian has diverse managerial experience in southern Africa where he has led high-performing teams involved in the development and implementation of cutting-edge technologies. He is fascinated by the role that leadership and social networks play in releasing the performance and innovation potential of people and teams. Ian has extensive KM facilitation experience. He specialises in designing and running integrated learning programmes that accelerate personal growth and enable teams to rapidly develop innovative solutions.

Ian developed and implemented a Knowledge Management strategy as part of the strategic review for De Beers whilst he was the Intellectual Capital Manager of the Operations and Exploration Division. Ian is currently lead consultant for the work with Eskom CED. Ian holds a PhD from the University of Cape Town. He attended the Advanced Management Programme at Templeton College, Oxford. He is an Associate of Warwick University's Knowledge and Innovation Network.

As well as his long-standing experience in IT and KM, Ian is able to draw on global expertise and methodology from Knoco Ltd in delivering the highest quality knowledge management consultant services in South Africa.

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