Knoco Chile

Knoco in Chile is headed by Javier Martinez , Spanish and resident in Santiago de Chile since 2002, and the KM Manager at Catenaria, a consultancy specialized in learning, knowledge management and collaboration. Javier holds a law degree from the University of the Basque Country and Master degree in Management Internet by the Catalan Institute of Technology, is consultant for the World Bank in the area of Knowledge Management and for the Inter-American Development Bank in the field of Communication and Learning.

Javier is Professor at Master in e-learning at the University of Seville and the University of Salamanca and at Knowledge Management course at the Catholic University of Chile. He is also International Judge of the Brandon Hall Excellence in e-learning Awards since 2003, and an arbitration committee member of the Journal of Innovative Education Academic Secretary, National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico. He writes a monthly column on Knowledge Management for Human Capital magazine and is a founding member of the Knowledge Management Club in Chile.

Javier has spent 20 years working with public sector and private organizations (financial, pharmaceutical, utilities, military, automotive, food, mining, education, etc..) in countries like México, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Uruguay, Canada, Colombia and Spain. The projects aimed at improving results through performance improvement, knowledge management, collaborative work and learning. Javier and his team have developed methodologies for creating Critical Knowledge Maps, Knowledge retention and transfer, Benchmark and collaboration and Learn by doing solutions for clients.

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