The Knowledge Management Alliance delivers KM Services as service provider to Knoco in the Benelux.

 The dynamic process of knowledge creation is at the heart of our Alliance Members businesses.  Our Alliance Members, are

   *   Anton Martin - streamlining commercial processes, enabling better contract outcomes.

   *   Bas Kloppenborg. ShpKlop - design and execute interventions in the field of people, strategy and execution of strategy.

   *   Peter Kemper. KKID - providing Knowledge management, Information and Data Solutions

How we help you in organizing your knowledge management journey;

   *   FROM I think I know what I know, but I do not know what I do not know,

   *   TO my community needs to know what I know, and helps answer my questions

   *   TOWARDS connecting what the whole enterprise knows!”

 Contact the Knowledge Alliance for more details of KM services in the Benelux area