Knowledge Exchange

A knowledge exchange is a meeting where people from several teams (but usually from within the same community of practice) come together to share knowledge on a key operational topic. These can be very high-powered creative meetings, often pivotal in the development of an organisation's knowledge base. They can help launch a community of practice, or can be a regular community event.


The main purpose of a knowledge exchange is to record and compile Community Knowledge in the form of a knowledge asset. The secondary purpose is to create linkages and relationships between the community members. A knowledge exchange may also be used as part of a Community Launch meeting.


The knowledge exchange is face to face meeting of community members, supported by external skilled facilitators, during which they discuss methodologies and successful approaches to a practicular business topic. The results of the discussions are recorded and used to create a knowledge asset. We help you to plan and design the event, and act as facilitators and recorders. We will also draft the knowledge asset for you.


The benefits of a Knowledge Exchange are

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