Knowledge as a Service (KaaS)

KaaS is a collaborative group whose central purpose has been to establish a definitive best practice standard for 'Knowledge Management' - missing to date - and a service model to support this rapidly evolving space. Historically, 'KM' has lacked a definitive benchmark, leading to both misunderstanding and underperforming implementation.

The combination of knowledge-based and semantic techniques and technologies with conventional IT is forging new thinking and powerful approaches to innovation and operational improvement. The establishment of the 'knowledge-led' organisation is at the core of this transformation.

KaaS experience and skills provide the strategic and practice underpinning to optimise this development. Seven, class leading organisations are involved.

A message from KaaS - Adding Value faster than Cost

KaaS helps organisations of all sizes in UK and Western Europe achieve their strategic and operational goals by introducing best practice knowledge solutions. Long term relationship building is key to this and KaaS members have had the pleasure of working with the majority of their clients for many years.

You can count on the largest assembly of professionally qualified staff with unique expertise in knowledge solutions to help you as you plan for new systems, rehabilitate aging systems, and stay ahead of competitive and regulatory requirements.

In turn, our clients depend on us to keep a healthy relationship with their end customers. Last month for example, we were engaged by a large systems integrator to help their corporate and divisional operations introduce best practice knowledge solutions across their operations in different markets.

You spend less time and budget when you work with KaaS because this is what we do every day. We’re not everything to everybody but we can be very important to you.

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