Knoco USA

Knoco USA is headed by Cory Cannon of Cannon Enterprises L.L.C.

Cory has over 15 years' in Military Knowledge and Information Management, performance improvement, collaboration and virtual working with his time with the United States Marine Corps the United States Army and Army Reserves. He deployed twice to Iraq and has conducted Knowledge Management activities in both a garrison and deployed environments. As a Department of Army Civilian, Cory worked at the Center for Army Lessons Learned where he reviewed Lessons Learned from around the world and briefed Liaison Officers the importance of ensuring accurate yet operationally sensitive lessons learned reports on the appropriate systems.

Cory is a Certified Knowledge Manager through the International Knowledge Management Institute and has taken the Army Knowledge Management Qualification Course to receive the additional skill identifier of Knowledge Management Professional. He also has a bachelor degree in Political Science from Emporia State University a master's degree in Political Science from Fort Hays State University and currently a PhD student at Emporia State University in the area of information management with a concentration in knowledge management.

As a Major in the United States Army Reserves, Cory is the Knowledge Management Officer of a General Officer Command assisting with the Department of Defense and Joint Staff with developing Knowledge Management career path for both military and civilian government employees and is a PhD Graduate Assistant at Emporia State University where he supervises the School of Library and Information Management's technology support desk as well as preforms Knowledge Management assessments.

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