Knoco UK

Knoco UK is represented by Nick Milton and Rupert Lescott, providing experienced, authoritative high-quality knowledge management consultancy services to the UK market, and to those countries not covered by our franchisees.

The Knoco Ltd consultants have a long history of delivering Knowledge Management strategies, frameworks, implementation support, training and knowledge management services in a wide range of industries.

Nick was a member of the BP Knowledge Management team in the 90s, helping to take BP to becoming a long-term Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise. Since leaving BP and founding Knoco, he has assisted dozens of leading companies to introduce and embed Knowledge Management for business benefit.  This industrial background is complemented by Rupert, who has for many years supported the UK Military in Lesson-learning and knowledge sharing, taking a key role in the highly regarded Lessons Exploitation centre in the British Army.

Together the Knoco UK consultants and their Associates offer you a wealth of experience and support, to aid you in delivering Knowledge Management success, whetever your organisation.

Contact us for details of the knowledge management services available to you in the UK.