Knoco Indonesia

The Knoco Indonesia franchise is handled by ITTC, under the directorship of Ir. Sapta Putra Yadi MHRM (Sapta).

Sapta has more than 32 years experience in various industry such as manufacturing, timber, mining and oil & gas industry, involved in several different areas such as production planning, production operations, contracting, project control, human resource management and knowledge management.

He, as HR Corporate Vice President, initiated and was directly involved in developing end-to-end Knowledge Management for Medco Energy, the biggest private owned oil & gas company in Indonesia.

Since 2010 he has run his own business as HR and KM Consultant, involved in several HR and KM consulting and training services for mining, oil & gas and banking companies. Sapta is an industrial engineer from ITB Bandung, Indonesia and has a master degree in HR Management from Rutgers University New Jersey, USA. Currently acts as the President of Indonesian Society for People Management as well as Asia Pacific Regional Training & Development Association (ARTDO International).

As well as his long-standing experience in KM, Sapta is able to draw on global expertise and methodology from Knoco Ltd in delivering the highest quality knowledge management consultant services in Indonesia.

Contact Knoco Indonesia at to learn about the Knowledge Management consultancy available to you in Indonesia, or visit his company website.