Knoco Canada (East)

Knoco Canada (East) is headed by Stephanie Barnes. Stephanie is an experienced knowledge management consultant and a passionate advocate for the alignment of Business and IT in service of Knowledge Management. Stephanie has a long background in Knowledge Management, initially with Hewlett Packard, where she was World-Wide Knowledge Management Program Manager. Here she developed the strategic plan for the Knowledge Management Program; including creating and driving the project plans to execute the Knowledge Management Strategy. The execution included Change Management, collection and validation of business requirements for KM technology, and working within the engagement and governance models to ensure the appropriate supporting tools and infrastructure were in place. More recently she has operated a highly successful consulting business in Canada - Missing Puzzle Piece Consulting, operating in the High Technology, Financial Services, Not-for-Profit, and Professional Services sectors.

Stephanie has worked with many major organisations to develop strategies for knowledge management technology, including user requirements, technology selection and implementation strategies, as well as Community of Practice Program metric design and implementation.

She holds a Masters degree in Business, Information Systems major from McMaster University, and an Undergraduate degree in Business, Accounting major from Brock University.

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