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Knowledge Management Implementation

Implementing Knowledge Management is not easy. You really only have one attempt, and if this fails, you may find that the concept has become irrecoverably tarnished. An excellent Implementation Plan is needed, based on lessons from successful implementations in other companies, and tailored to your own context.

Based on our involvement and experience in over 20 major Knowledge Management implementation programs, we will work with you to develop a robust implementation plan. The plan will be based on

  • the results of assessment and bechmarking (if available)
  • the Knowledge Management strategy (if available)
  • the proposed and agreed Knowledge Management framework (if available)
  • the communications plan (if available)
  • a staged, change management approach
  • a full analysis of the risks to Knowledge Management delivery

We will work with your in-house Knowledge Management team to build a bottom-up suite of activities which can be placed on a timeline to develop a detailed implementation plan and resource requirements, both internal and external.

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