Organisational Learning Culture Services

Organisational culture can be a strong supporter of knowledge management, or a huge barrier. We offer three services to help you better understand your culture, and how it can be measured influenced and changed.

Organisational Learning culture introductory workshop

A short introductory workshop introduces the concept of the Organisational Learning Culture, and the features that support and drive it. Through this workshop you will understand the dimensions of an Organisational Learning Culture, and how this can be built and sustained.

Organisational Learning culture audit

Through a combination of surveys and interviews with your staff, Knoco will assess the current state of your Organisational Learning Culture, measuring it against 10 independent dimensions. This Organisational Learning Culture Audit will identify the cultural strengths which you can capitalise on, and the weaknesses that you need to address.

Organisational Learning culture follow-up

The follow-on services aim at moving the Organisational Learning Culture Audit results into learning and action. The output from the interviews and survey are reviewed, and options are discussed for building on the identified strengths, and taking action to reduce the identified barriers and weaknesses.

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