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Knowledge Management Strategy

Implementing Knowledge Management should be done in the context of an agreed knowledge management strategy. This strategy ensures that the Knowledge Management implementation proceeds in a way that is aligned with the current business approaches, is targeted on the right business issues, and is coordinated with other existing change initiatives.

A Knowledge Management strategy may contain some or more of the following elements

  • the business drivers for Knowledge Management,
  • the vision for Knowledge Management in the organization,
  • the scope, boundaries and objectives of the Knowledge Management program,
  • the culture change approach which would be applied, together with the associated communications strategy,
  • the implementation organisation and resources,
  • a proposed management framework for Knowledge Management (including the systems of processes and technologies),
  • an analysis of knowledge-related strategic business issues and pilots,
  • an analysis of the business background, constraints and environment within which the Knowledge Management implementation needed to occur,
  • the risks to implementation
  • the next steps.

The Knowledge Management strategy is developed in a two to three-day workshop, where we work with your Knowledge Management team and other key stakeholders to address the key strategic elements of Knowledge Management implementation. The workshop will ideally be informed by the results of a Knowledge Management Assessment and Benchmarking exercise, and by input from management on current business strategies and other parallel initiatives.

The strategy document is presented to, and discussed with, senior management, before sign-off.

Once the strategy document is agreed, a second workshop will be held to develop the implementation planning.

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