Knoco Iran

Knoco is represented in the Islamic Republic of Iran by Season Training and Development Institute (aka SeasonTD); a professional service provider established with the aim of being a leader of training and development services for Iranian organizations focused on excellence.

Aryan Aghili is the SeasonTD CEO and founder, an action oriented and innovative MBA graduated consultant with over seven years of experience in developing management consultancy services. Specialized in business development, strategic management, business models, marketing management and knowledge management; he has been offering outstanding solutions to organization during last decade through his insight into business management and a network of experienced nationally-recognized consultants focused on knowledge management in addition to project management, information technology, legal management and financial management. SeasonTD provides consultancy and training services to more than 500 largest enterprises in Iran as a subsidiary of Season Group, established 1994.

Contact Knoco Iran at or +989121201348 to learn about the knowledge management consultancy and training services available to you in the Islamic Republic of Iran.