Knoco USA

Knoco USA is headed by Andrew Barendrecht. Andrew has over 20 years' in knowledge and information management, performance improvement, collaboration and virtual working.

Andrew's Career started at the Technical University Delft in 1993 as a web consultant moving on soon in 1995 to work for Shell deploying web based collaboration throughout 32 countries and consulting on the European Space Agency collaborative environment. From 1999 onwards Andrew worked as Knowledge Manager, facilitating business improvement workshops together with coordinating 2 large communities of practice for Wells and Surface Engineering. In this period he also facilitated a complete redesign of the Shell Exploration and Production intranet.

In 2003 a move was made to the US where he became lead business analyst working on deployment of the portal technology within Shell and was active as information management advisor in the areas exploration, wells, engineering, commercial and subsurface enabling more efficient performance for each of these businesses. After 2006 a move was made to become global lead on records management compliance for Shell International EP. In 2007 Andrew became the KM/IT manager responsible for compliance, KM, Information and data management in Shell research, and also advised Chevron on their global SharePoint Design and deployment.

Andrew currently works as a collaboration and innovation consultant for multiple oil and gas companies providing innovation enterprise solutions and knowledge and information management advice specifically focused around organizational performance and mobility. Andrew has a bachelor degree in information management and collaboration from the Haagse Hogeschool in the Hague the Netherlands.

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