Tom Young


Tom Young

Tom Young is a director and co-founder of Knoco Ltd - a Knowledge Management consultancy comprised of seasoned knowledge management practitioners, mentors, and coaches. Knoco Ltd have been delivering successful and sustained Knowledge Management implementation to clients since 1999.

Tom has an enormous breadth and depth of experience in developing and applying knowledge management for business benefit. Before founding Knoco Ltd he spent two years at the very heart of the team that made BP the leading Knowledge Management company in the world. Translating the vision that he had helped to create into business reality, delivering sustainable business performance improvement and cultural change were his focus. Prior to this Tom was Principal Coach with the Virtual Teamworking project, which established the foundation for knowledge management in the company. Tom’s engineering and operations background coupled with experienced gained as a Business Manager for BP gives him a unique insight into the challenges facing business leaders around the world.

Working with Knoco Ltd, Tom has been instrumental in developing and delivering Knowledge Management strategies, implementation plans and services in a wide range of different organizations. He has a particular interest in expert interviews, harvesting, capturing and collating Best Practice and the creation of Knowledge Assets. Tom’s detailed understanding of how to construct and manage projects in multi location, multi cultural environments has entitled him to be Lead Consultant on many of Knoco’s larger projects.

He is the author of industry standard text, "Knowledge Management for Services, Operations and Manufacturing (Chandos Publishing, 2008), and is currently working on the third book in the Knoco series, “Knowledge Management for Bids, Sales and Marketing”, an indication of the breadth of his expertise.

Tom is a regular contributor to a wide variety of specialist and generalist publications and a sought after conference speaker. Tom has a Bsc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, an MBA and is a Chartered Engineer. He lives in Scotland.

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